Over the past century, the earth’s resources have been excessively exhausted. The extensive use of wooden pallets by factories has led to the massive tree logging and the reduction of the huge forest, resulting in the global greenhouse effect and a serious impact on the environment. In the light of this, Nan Ya Plastics research and develop the plastic pallets to replace wooden pallets, and make a contribution to environmental protection.
Advantages There are no nails that can damage packaging, no fumigation is needed, and it is pest-free, maintenance-free and recyclable.
Features Lightweight with a high carrying load, available in customized designs & a full range of specifications, strict management & good quality, and high-efficiency logistics. We sincerely invite you to inquire about our trustworthy plastic pallet brands and prices.
Product 1. Suitable for automated warehouse systems and storage racks.
Information 2. Suitable for shipment and transshipment.
  3. Suitable for one-time shipment.
  4. Available in customized designs.
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