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Properties of Nan Ya Plastics pallets

1.Acid and chemical erosion resistance.
2.No protruding nails, sharp corners or fragments that will damage the goods or operators.
3.Easy to clean with good sanitation. No bacteria, fungus or termites will be bred. Suitable for use in food, cultural and education industries.
4.Formulated with conductive or antistatic ingredients for the electronics industry or for storing at the clean room.
5.Light weight for the convenience of the manual handling.
6.100% recycled & environmentally friendly.

Excellent properties

Excellent physical properties
‧Made of polypropylene, excellent rigidity strength, heat distortion temperature is higher than 70℃.
‧Made of High Density Polyethylene, excellent impact strength and low temperature resistance (approx. to -20℃).
‧UV radiation resistant and weather-proof, acid, alkali, and chemically resistant, non-corroding.
Durable properties ‧Particular structure design, long use life.
‧No repair necessarily, reduced disposal cost.
Outstanding performance ‧No nails, splinters and sharp edges, reduced load damage and workers injury.
‧Possessing anti-slipped pads device, conform to safety and nonskid requirement.
‧The stackable and nestable design reduces warehouse and shipping costs.
‧Easy to keep clean, do not attract bacteria, insects and termites resistant, good hygienic.
‧Many types and specifications and low selling price available could compete with wooden pallets.
Satisfy the pallet tests according to CNS & JIS standards
‧Completely satisfy the requirements of the pallet test results according to CNS & JIS national standards, including CNS 8169, 8170, 13019 or JIS Z 0602, Z 0606 and so on.
‧We also accept customers' special demands to test.
Excellent environmental protection property ‧100% recycled available; conform to the new generation environmental protection claim.
‧Permitted to use the green mark on our plastic pallet approved by the EPA, R.O.C. since June, 2000.
‧Conform to the restriction on heavy metal content of 94 / 62 / EC.
‧Without using of certain environment-related substances restricted within the technical standard of EU's RoHS.
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