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 ◆ Instructions of using Automatic Warehouse Pallets:
Before using the automatic warhouse pallets, it is necessary to confirm that the load cannot exceed the designated loading capacity. If the requirement of loading capacity is not available, use the pallet according as the deformation level is less than 1.2% of the support frame span.
Upon loading bulk-type articles on the pallet, be sure to install the guardrail for protection or tie the articles securely to ensure to operate safely.
Upon placing barels on the pallet, the guardrail in height over 1/2 of the barrels must be installed and the barrels shall be settled vertically instead of being placed horizontally.
The chain-type conveyor belt for the automatic warehouse must be installed at the anti-slipped pads of the pallet for smoother pallet conveyance.
Upon using forklift to move the pallet, be sure to point towards the center of the entries. During moving, the forks must point upward to achieve smoother operation and prolong the lifespan of pallet.

 Precautions for the use of general type pallets:
If the pallet is used to store bulk commodities, you may need to install protective fencing or properly bundle the commodities to ensure operational safety.
If the pallet is used to store oil barrels, be sure to install protective fencing that exceeds more than 1/2 the height of the barrel and store the barrels upright and avoid laying the barrels horizontally.
When using a forklift to handle the pallet, please insert the forks at the center of the openings. During haulage operations, please incline the forks slightly upward to ensure smooth haulage operation and extend the service life of the pallet.
Upon using hydraulic trailer car to move the pallet, be sure to point towards the center of the entries and raise the forks during moving to lift the pallet off the ground in order to achieve smoother operation and prolong the lifespan of pallet.
If the automatic warehouse shelf storage or multi-layer stacking is required, change to use the automatic warehouse pallets.
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